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How to Install Starcraft on Windows 7

Another post in my ongoing series of How-To segments on how to get old games to work on Windows 7. Starcraft 1

Thanks to the guys at Blizzard this tutorial doesn’t involve that many steps. Basically all we have to do is download the latest version of Starcraft and do a simple registry hack to fix the color mode. All the hard work with permisions and such are done for us by the new Blizzard installer.

First off this is for the first Starcraft game, and the goal for this tutorial is to have this game 100% playable without having to run this game as admin, or by using any weird compatibility settings (well except one small reg key). Second, this method does not require any of the original discs so if you lost it or if you have annoying cousins that like to break or scratch your discs, you can still install Starcraft. Third, in order to use this method you absolutely NEED a VALID Starcraft 1 CD-Key!! This will not work with pirated or generated CD-Keys. None of my tutorials are designed to work with pirated games. If you want to pirate this game go ask somewhere else!!

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How to Install FF7 on Windows 7

This tutorial has moved to here This is where all new changes to this tutorial will be made, as well as all my new tutorials…

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