Canadian Copyright Consultations Launch

Custom PC in no way supports Piracy and wishes that creators be rewarded for the things that they produce, however the new set of policies bring this idea WAAAY out of hand. These potential laws even prevent anyone from making valid backups of their legally purchased media. We suggest that if you value your rights as a consumer, you act immediately and make your representatives in government realize the mistake they may be making. Just follow the link and read along, it’s a lot easier than you may think.

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As a consumer of digital media and electronics you stand to be greatly impacted by changes to Canada’s copyright regime. Fortunately, the Government wants to hear from consumers and creators alike so that the interests of all Canadians can be taken into account. Until September 13, 2009 you can participate in the recently launched government consultations on copyright by visiting and registering for an upcoming townhall meeting, webcast or by making a submission via email.

If we do not voice our concerns en masse we run the risk of having a draconian system of copyright rules imposed upon us.  Imagine living in a country where corporations dictate how you consume information and media and utilize technology.  Canadians need to speak out against such proposals and push for greater flexibility in the law to provide a balanced, fair approach on digital reforms.  To that end, Michael Geist has just launched The site is designed to inform and help foster greater participation by bringing together online discussion (ie. the Twitter #copycon stream), postings, videos, news reports, etc.

The Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights has also updated its letter wizard allowing you to easily submit your concerns in both official languages directly to the government copyright consultations as well as those minsters responsible for modernizing Canada’s Copyright Act.


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